“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." The main definition of the UN World Commission is written down in our company philosophy. Sustainable working is a main point of the current century. During our working process we always accept ethical, social, environmental, cultural and economic spheres.
Uganda project
We are proud to say that we cooperate with the Uganda "Youth Movement". It is a project found by Kenny Mulinde, a young man from Uganda. His passion is to help kids from Uganda. Youth Movement Uganda organizes youth camps where you can work on your cognitive skills, learn 'ice breakers' for your daily life or playing strategy games. Do you want to learn more about that project or want to become a volunteer? Just write us and we like to provide more information! Let us help together!
Indonesia kids foundation
Support the local kids! There is the idea to give something back to the community. Each room of the Batu Bambu represents a local child. Their education fees until they will have finished high school are totaly financed by the guests. Be a part of the supporters - the whole Batu Bambu team likes to welcome you soon!
Paperless office
Stop killing trees! Every second tree dies for paper. Worldwide are more than 500.000.000 tones of papers produced per year. Our whole work flow is optimized to avoid printing out. Always think about the need before printing out - all together for a better environment.
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