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Are you offering a high quality surf camp, ski destination or offering individual group trips? Do you want to list with us? We are always looking for new sustainable partnerships. We like to provide further information about our partnership program.
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Do you want to acquire more guests from all around the world? We are interested in a long-term cooperation that enables you to save resources, so you can focus entirely on your customers' satisfaction. Let their vacation dreams come true! Save money on marketing and increase your booking requests through a reliable partnership. We are sure that we can complement each other.
Our main target groups are travelers between the ages of 18 and 35 as well as students, people starting new careers or doctoral students. We value top quality - be it ourselves or our local partners. Our international customers are very satisfied and recommend Impax Tours or would travel with us again.
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We can proudly say that we have increased our partners‘ bookings. Our current partners and our customers appreciate our support. We know how important it is to help clients who want to travel in a foreign country.
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